Planning and strategy

We work with you to build a communications plan that aims to deliver maximum effectiveness and value for money.

Websites and multimedia

Award-winning websites, combining technical know-how with a deep understanding of pensions and employee benefits.


Creating highly effective, full-colour communications that can be targeted by age, gender or any other characteristic you wish.

Design, copywriting and print

Our in-house writers work closely with talented designers in our own studio, ensuring joined-up results and rapid turnaround.

Wordshop is an independent creative agency, with specialist expertise in employee and member engagement.

We provide strategic print and web-based solutions for corporate clients, with a great track record in generating interest, feedback and uptake.

latest news

Hot on the heels of achieving the prestigious Quality Management Certification ISO 9001:2008, Wordshop has also been awarded the ISO 27001: 2013 accreditation, the internationally recognised best practice framework for Information Security Management.
We are delighted that ‘Project Rome’, the multi-channel, multi-audience communication project for Wolseley UK, has won the award for best HR communication at the prestigious IoIC Awards 2014.
According to LCP's latest Executive Pensions Survey, the cuts in pensions tax relief over recent years have resulted in fewer FTSE250 executives relying solely on defined contribution provision.
Looking at the size of the AE challenge, as many thousands of employers stage over the next couple of years, one survey shows this week that many businesses simply don't understand AE requirements. 24% have heard hardly anything about AE and 25% said they'd had minimal communication from the government. This is not encouraging in terms of a successful outcome for their employees.
Another piece of research this week (from Hymans Robertson) shows that DC savers intending to manage their own pension pot in retirement are not willing to pay for regular advice.
The pensions minister has told financial advisers that the guidance guarantee will push up demand for independent advice.
Wordshop has just completed a survey for a client who wanted to gauge whether their member comms are hitting the mark. One of the questions asked members whether they would like to receive their annual newsletter in electronic format… only 12% of respondents said they would!
Congratulations to our client, Wolseley UK, who won two categories in the 2014 Pension Scheme of the Year Awards: best DC communications strategy and best AE strategy.
We were interested to read about a Capita survey that says more than half of people feel pensions jargon has stopped them planning properly for retirement.
Industry commentators believe that George Osborne has pulled the rug out from under the feet of pension liberation firms, by giving DC savers unrestricted access to their pension pots.

our services

Wordshop’s services include copywriting, design, website and multimedia development, personalisation, print and distribution.

We tailor each project to suit your budget, objectives and audience, using our in-depth experience and understanding to add value to your communications.

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modellers and calculators

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Our modellers and calculators are bringing pensions to life, helping members understand the costs and benefits of their pensions.

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