HR & internal communications

Ensure that both new starters and existing employees feel they are in good company.

There is a story that when President Kennedy visited NASA in the 60s, he spoke to a janitor and asked, ‘What do you do here?’ to which the janitor replied, ‘I’m helping to put a man on the moon.’

Whilst the janitor might simply have been cleaning the building, his work enabled that of others and therefore contributed to the overall goal of putting a man on the moon. When all employees have an understanding of the bigger picture and direction of the business, their role within that becomes not only clearer but has an inherent perceived value.

Employee guides and induction packs
Our experience in internal communications can help you communicate the direction and ethos of your business to all your employees, from the most junior to the most senior to ensure that their place within the bigger picture is perceived, appreciated and valued and that your employee guides and inductions are fully inclusive.