Some people just go to work and do their job, while others go that little bit further to get to know their clients properly.

Keen on a nice cuppa, Wordshop’s Rupert Clarke-Norman thought it would be great to find out more about Wessanen and how their famous Clipper tea brand is produced. When he was invited to take a tour of the factory at Tea HQ, he jumped at the chance.

‘You’ll need a hi-vis jacket,’ he was told.

‘Great – no problem.’ (No-one wants to cause a forklift incident.)

‘You’ll also need to wear a white coat and a hairnet.’

‘Ok.’ (It is a food production area, after all.)

‘And a beard-net.’

‘Right…’ (Not done that before – how does a beard-net even work? It’s ok, no-one back in the office will ever find out.)

‘Hey, let’s take a photo!’

When you look the part, the only thing left to do is put your thumbs up and smile!

At Wordshop, we know that spending a bit of time finding out more about our clients and what matters to them genuinely does lead to better ideas, a better service and better communications.

We can’t promise that putting a face to a name will always end up with a beard-net – but we can only hope that someone has the presence of mind to photograph it when it does!