Member-nominated trustees have been part of the pensions regulatory landscape since the Pensions Act 1995 came into force in 1997.
Since then, Wordshop has helped many clients with their MNT communications – producing attractive explanatory materials that aim to engage members in the nomination process, and where it leads to an election, all the ballot papers and candidate information required for that.

We also offer a service whereby we act as the returning officer for these elections – counting up all the votes (whether print or electronic) before giving the client the final result.

Imagine our surprise when, in a recent election, we had a tie between the top two candidates. Count, recount and recount again. Nope. Dead heat. It’s definitely a first for us.

What would you do in the circumstances… coin toss (like Clinton vs Saunders in the US Democrats’ presidential nomination) or run the election again?